Holiday Traffic

In an effort to aid traffic flow on Bob Gray Road during busy holiday hours, some of our residents have joined together to hire a police officer to help direct traffic at the entrance to Gray Eagle Springs.  You can see an overview of the traffic plan here:

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Please note that during peak hours, everyone will be instructed to turn right out of our neighborhood.
Left-hand turns into our neighborhood (from westbound Bob Gray Rd) may be temporarily restricted to residents only. 

The goal of these steps is to keep the west-bound traffic on Bob Gray Road moving, which will lessen the effect of traffic on our neighborhood as well as adjacent neighborhoods.  Thank you for helping minimize the disruption to our community!

This year, our homeowners are pleased to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank.  Donation boxes for non-perishable food items are available, and cash donations are also accepted.  We appreciate your generous support of these organizations during the holiday season!  Last year's donation drive was able to provide over 50,000 meals to help feed the less fortunate in our community!


The Gray Eagle Springs HOA does not regulate, manage, or provide financial support for the display of holiday decorations, traffic management, or charitable donations.  These efforts are funded and coordinated by individual homeowners.